The most important question to ask yourself is: 'Will my loved ones be looked after if tomorrow never comes?'

The general misperception is that you only need a will if you have substantial assets. It is however not true and the true reasons for a will is in fact to make sure that your loved ones are left with the least possible concerns and worries on your departure to greener pastures.

The following aspects are but a few things that you have to take into consideration:

  • Guardians for minor children;
  • Management of assets and/or funds of life policies, for and in favor of minor children;
  • Maintenance of your elderly spouse and management of assets;
  • Appointment of executor to avoid intestate succession procedures;
  • Setting up trust(s) in favor of the minor children.


We will not only guide you through the process of estate planning, taking the relevant tax implications into consideration, and drafting of your will, BUT we will also assist your loved ones with the necessary care and empathy in administering your late estate according to your wishes.

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