At MFO Attorneys our goal is to be present and assist you, not only through the process of purchasing and transferring the property, but to be present from creation and negotiation to the management and protection of your investments.  In doing so we can provide our clients with the peace of mind they deserve in building their retirement wealth.

MFO’s property services therefore includes:

  • Assisting in the negotiating of terms and conditions of purchase;
  • Drafting of Offers to Purchase;
  • Transfer of the property, which includes:
    • Obtaining the necessary clearance certificates;
    • Arranging the necessary Electrical, Plumbing, Beetle, Gas, etc. certificates;
    • Putting you in contact with the bond originators, if necessary;
    • Arranging bridging finance, if necessary;
  • Drafting of lease agreements;
  • Managing the collection of lease payments;
  • Collection of Arrear Rental and Evictions;

We can also assist you in the necessary entity structure in which to register your property portfolio, taking into consideration economical risk and tax implications.

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